Frequently Ask Questions


1. What do I wear?  Devotion requires each player to wear approved paintball goggles on the field at ALL times. We ask you to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants. Most people wear camos or baggy pants, sweat shirt, and gloves.  If its cold weather, wear some layers; you can always take some off.  Please don't come dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.


2. How many paintballs does a person use?  Every person is different, but a good number to start with is 1 bag (500 rounds). First time groups we usually start with 1 bag for every 2 players.


3. Can we bring our own paint? No, sorry we do not allow outside paint.  Our field paint only!


4. Does the paint wash out? Yes, it is all water soluble.   However, the grass stains and mud may not!


5. How long do we have to play?  Every group is different.  However, we generally give you between 2 to 4 hours of playing time.


6. Does it hurt to get hit by a paintball?  Well, that is up to you.  The only way we can describe it would be: it doesn't hurt as bad as you think.  Once you get marked for the first time you'll understand .  Most people say it feels like getting snapped by a rubber band..then  WHAM your adrenaline takes away the pain.


7. Do you have concessions? Yes, we have many types of refreshments, snacks and we do offer pizza as well.


8. Do you have gift certificates?  Yes, we do!  Just  ask the person behind the counter for details.


9. Do you have a Season Pass?

No,  we are officially a "by appointment only" facility.  Since we no longer have regular set hours, we also no longer have a season pass.


10. Can you fix guns (markers)?  Yes, we can.  No matter if they are from a big box store or if they come off e-bay with tinker toys inside.  We fix them all. 


11. How do I make a reservation?  Please call 218-333-3630 for dates and times.  We will complete your reservation when you call for details. 


12. Can we get discounts if we bring more people?  Yes, we give you a 10 to 1 discount.  If you bring 10 people we give you one field fee free.  Every 10 after that you get one field fee free (your must request at time of payment)...


13. Does the paint freeze? No, we have a specially formulated paintball for winter time.  So, bundle up and come on out.


14. Is Paintball Safe? Although paintball has been categorized as an extreme sport, paintball is one the safest sports currently played today. According to PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions), the world of paintball has a huge injury taboo. This taboo only exists in the minds of the general public and not in the statistical data. The industry has hard lined that the rare but highly publicized eye injury usually only occurs when the proper protective gear is not worn, or on fields that are unsupervised and often illegal.


Paintball has an Excellent Safety Record. NEIS - the National Injury Information Clearinghouse of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in Washington, D.C.

SPORT Yearly injuries per 1000 Participants


Water Skiing 260.84     Boxing 11.34               Fishing 1.43

Lacrosse 223.79            Bicycle Riding 11.71   Swimming 1.34

Wrestling 36.46             Gymnastics 10.49      Golf 1.22

Rugby 31.21                    Volleyball 4.03          Skateboarding 0.89

Rugby 31.21                     Ice Skating 3.83       Archery 0.865

Football 30.17                 Snowmobiling 3.52  Boating 0.75

Baseball 28.42               Snow Skiing 2.99     Running 0.63

Hockey 21.92                 Racquetball 2.77       Bowling 0.47

Basketball 19.76             Tennis 2.77               Paintball 0.24

Soccer 12.59                   Handball 1.92


15. Who plays Paintball? Isn't paintball a young persons sport?  It’s more a matter of being physically active than a matter of age. In fact, many parents who only intend on dropping off their kids see how much fun it is and end up playing as well.


16. How did Paintball get its start? Over 40 years ago, a company named Nelson Paint Company invented its Nelspot Marker and the first paintball before the game was ever played. The Marker was typically used to mark cattle and trees for various statistical data for farmers or contractors. However, in 1976 Charles Gaines pondered the concept of a businessman surviving a stalking game against an outdoors man.  Gaines incorporated a couple of friends, Hayes Noel, and Bob Gurnsey of New Hampshire, into his debate of survival. Gaines, along with nine more friends, participated in the first-ever paintball game in June of 1981.


17. Does Paintball breed violence??? Many people only see the sport as a harmless portrayal of warfare; in reality, it is a sport that requires skill and high levels of fitness. Paintball has sped up its game pace and is now a sport that requires as much running as basketball or football. It is necessary to have a high degree of hand-eye coordination, along with good communication skills. Tournament games can sometimes be back-to-back-to-back. A person with low amount of stamina would not be able to fully participate. It is exhilarating, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, intense, fast, and physically demanding. The sport of paintball encourages team-building like cooperation and communication. Many corporate and church functions are held at paintball facilities for this reason.




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